Meet Michael


I'm Michael Shuemaker. I am a Knoxville born and raised Graphic Designer, Web Designer, Artist, Hiker, Baseball Fanatic, and Space Nerd.

I have over 25 years experience as a graphic and am a Webflow Certified developer, as well as extensive knowledge in videography, print production, screen printing, and wide-format print production.

Web Design

I caught the web design bug early, starting in Dreamweaver coding, WordPress, SquareSpace, WIX, and others. I have since joined the no-code movement and exclusively use WebFlow in all things web related.

Graphic Design

Growing up the son of an old-school graphic designer (pre-digital age) - I was hooked at an early age. For over 20 years, I have spent nearly every waking moment creating, branding, and making. Print design, web graphics, brand design, digital, social graphics, and more.

Adobe Creative Suite

Proficient in Adobe Creative Suite, and specialize in Illustrator and Photoshop graphics and work.


Painting and pen and ink drawings: A passion outside of graphic and web design that I have let define me over the years. While I don't, and likely won't, necessarily make a living as a full-fledged artist - you're likely to find me at any moment with a brush or pen in my hand.


On the personal side of things, I'm a pretty laid back kind of guy. I secretly want to live on/be a beach bum and occasional surfer. Crazy things I've done: I completed the 100 mile challenge in 2016 by hiking 100 miles in the GSMNP - and ran a half-marathon in the Knoxville Marathon in 2019. (I don't think I had run more than a mile before at once - EVER before that.) FYI: I couldn't walk for DAYS afterwards...

One of the things dearest to my heart is volunteering for HonorAir Knoxville. HonorAir takes WWII, Korean War, and Vietnam War veterans to Washington, DC to visit the memorial built to honor their service and sacrifice - at NO COST to the veteran. I am fortunate enough to be the team videographer and graphic designer. Getting these men and women over the years has genuinely changed me to the core. If you are unfamiliar with HonorAir Knoxville, check them out here: HONORAIR


it's all about

The Fam

In June, 2019 I married by best friend. Together, we have five (yes, you read that correctly) kiddos, one fat cat named Chuck, and a dog named Lincoln.

Knoxville Arts and Culture Alliance Art Show - Best Of
Photo of Painting - Painted for my Wife
Me at Myrtle Point, Mt. LeConte
Running in Knoxville Marathon

Pen & Ink Pointillism

FOX GREEN - 6 June 1944
My most cherished drawing to-date. This drawing took 110+ hours over the course of a couple of months, recreating the dramatic scene of the Normandy invasion on June 6, 1944.

The drawing is made entirely from DOTS. Luckily, I documented the process with 40,000 photos.

The memory associated with this piece that I'll never forget: I entered this piece into an art show with Knoxville Arts and Culture Alliance. On opening day, I took with me my two oldest kids for the ceremony and awards. Besides being completely blown away and honored, I'll never forget the look on the kid's faces as they called out the winner for Best of Show. I was very proud to have them with me there in that moment. After all, they had watched the entire drawing progress for months - then got to see it pay off. Priceless.
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