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LESS THAN 15 SECONDS: The average time users stay on a website. Better make that first impression count with a fresh looking, catchy design.

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Graphic Design

From professional logos and branding packages - to print design, catalogs, and digital graphics, SN76 has the experience to get you into orbit.

Graphic Design
MARTY Neumeier, CEo, liquid agency:

"A brand is a person's gut feeling about a product, service, or organization."


'm Michael. A Certified Webflow developer and Graphic Designer in Knoxville, TN. Your company or personal brand tells a story. A story that brings with it validity, loyalty, trust and confidence. Let's make sure the gut feeling your story portrays has you headed in the right direction.

My Story

Who am I - and why am I qualified to help tell your story?
let's find out

Knoxville Web Design

[ Certified Webflow developer ]

Beautifully designed websites that set you apart from your competitors - live to the world in as little as a week.

A great website represents you, your brand, and the story you want to tell the world. A solid first impression goes a long way to building brand credibility, loyalty, and return business.

Knoxville Branding & Graphic Design

Great branding and design is likely one of the first impressions about your story. The story of your business or group, non-profit, church, school, or team. The story of you.

People are quick to valuate and form opinions on businesses, groups, or projects based on their initial interaction with your brand identity or logo. People can tell when something looks dated or low budget - and possibly without even knowing it's happening.

A quality, well designed brand identity, logo, business card, postcard or digital graphic brings with it instant validity. Instant acceptance as being a quality product or offering.

I have over 20 years in branding and graphic design experience and credentials - and would love to help you tell your story.
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Simplify Style Website
Marble City Market Logo
UT Campus Laundry Website
Frank & George's Logo
plan the work - work the plan



Explore the Challenge

Your website, graphic, video, or social media campaign deserves intentional design. I'll do extensive research for your project to make sure we stick the landing. Together, we'll combine your goals and vision, along with industry and competitor research, and develop a plan to set you apart from the crowd.

Brainstorm and Concepts

We'll bring all of your ideas together with our research into moodboards, sketches, and ideas - pulling together latest trends, typefaces, color concepts, and competitor research specific to your project.

Concept Proof

Whether you're building a website or needing a first-class digital graphic, I'll combine research, brainstorming and design concepts together into a design proof for feedback and final approval. You always have input on what the final product looks like.

Successful Launch

All systems are nominal - and we have lift-off. Your new project is complete and the world is watching. And, Congratulations: You just stuck the landing.
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Simplify Style Website
Marble City Market Logo
UT Campus Laundry Website
Frank & George's Logo
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